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The Gym Bus comes to your school hall/venue with all the equipment and coaches needed to run a great gymnastics programme.

Our programmes teach gymnastics to children of all ability levels from beginners through to children who need to be challenged and extended. 

The Gym Bus programme promotes fundamental movement skills (FMS) which are essential for all sports and physical activities. The fundamental movement skills worked on are locomotor skills  (walking, running, dodging, skipping, jumping, hopping) and stability skills - balancing in one place (static) or while in motion (dynamic) and also include landing and rotation.

 Our programme's are great for developing fitness, gross and fine motor skills and core strength.

 We have several options for schools to choose from

Have-a-go experience: As the name suggests this programme is designed to introduce students to gymnastics, tumbling or parkour. Students will have the opportunity to try a range of gymnastics activities. from 1-3 sessions depending on the schools requirements.

Achievement programme:(gymnastics only) a structured programme, students are placed into ability groups and work towards the goals for their level (there are 6 Gym Bus ability levels).  All students attain an achievement ribbon at the completion of the programme. (8-10 sessions depending on school requirements).

Customised programme to suit your school: If you need help training your gymnasts for inter- school competitions, our coaches can come to you for as many sessions as are needed to help prepare for the competition.

Professional development: We can come to your school to offer PD for your staff so they are confident to run a sucessful gymnastics programme at your school.


We had The Gym Bus "have a go experience" where they taught whole classes of children from year one to six. We found that they provided a varied programme that met the needs of all age and skill levels of the children involved. They provided all the equipment and staff required, to use the equipment effectively also including the classroom teacher in the activities so that they could learn some of the skills needed to teach gymnastics. The children were always fully active and enjoyed the challenge and variety of the activities offered. They were professional in their approach and I would recommend them to any school who would like to provide their students with a quality gymnastics instruction. Pam King - Principal Kauri Park School


We Booked The Gym Bus for our whole junior syndicate for eight weeks in term 2, 2012. We were extremely impressed with the organisation, management and content of the lessons.The Gym Bus teachers were positive, expert, efficient and reliable, they delivered a stimulating, challenging and engaging series of gymnastics lessons which catered for a range of physical abilities.The children gained a lot from this experience and enjoyed themselves immensely, the classroom teachers too commented that they learnt a lot from observing the lessons in action. We recommend the Gym Bus very highly, and are keen to book them again for next year. Cass Johnson -  Newton central school

The Gym Bus Visited Bayview School for five weeks. The majority of our students participated in the sessions. Feedback from staff, parents and students was very positive. Teachers talked about the increased confidence by their students, particularly by the students who were initially reluctant to participate. Many of our students have changed their attitude to gymnastics following these sessions. one of our parents talked enthusiastically about how her daughter, with a physical disability, was initially apprehensive but loved the programme and made a huge improvement. The sessions provided the students with a wide range of activities and our teachers feel that they have learnt a lot about teaching gymnastics and have taken ideas away to incorporate into their programme. The instructors were deemed "excellent' by all staff. They demonstrated high expectations and standards. They were friendly, approachable and flexible with timetable changes. They were well organised and had a great rapport with our students. There was unanimous agreement that we would like to repeat the programme next year. Shelley Matuku - Bayview school

Classroom teacher comments

The children were fully involved in gymnastic activities at all time with very little waiting. The session started with warm up activities which were stretching and balancing, and at the end the children were involved in similar activities. There were 4 small circuits going and an adult at each circuit. this enabled each child to have feedback on their technique at each activity. For the class of year 1 and 2 the mini circuits involved rolling, jumping, balance beam, mini tramp, gymnastics ribbons, crawl tunnel, spring boards and lots of mats for safety. The sessions lasted 45mins and the children were fully involved with the physical nature of the activities. Cheryl Quinn - Yr 1/2 Teacher

I thought it was run really well. They were prepared and organised and if the activities focused on balance, jumping and rolling which the children really enjoyed. I would have liked to have seen some tumbling (cartwheels and forward rolls) being taught but when I asked why it was only left out because their tumbling mats hadn't arrived yet. There were 3 activity circuits running so the children were focused and monitored constantly through - out the sessions. Kylie Dalton - Yr 5/6 Teacher

I definately saw progress with the children over the 2 sessions. The equipment was great and it was good to be albe to rotate them around so many different activities and they were never unoccupied. having tutors and class teacher was brilliant as you could not provide all those activities with just one teacher. Raewyn Quist - Yr 3-4 Teacher


Teacher Information
Teacher Information for School Programme
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Teacher Information
Teacher Information for School Programme
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